Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good news - I CAN lose weight quickly after vacation!

I gained four pounds in four days....and am back to normal after three days of eating right and going to the gym! (phew!) =D> Im SO happy to see my body rebounds so quickly after debauchery (believe me, in the past those four pounds would have stuck around for MONTHS)....basically Ty and I just spent four days constantly eating and drinking on our mini vacation to the N.C mountains!

I really wanted to see some fall foliage and some mountains (yes, we dont have either in Florida to any awe inspiring degree!) and so we packed the cooler and tent into the car, got the dogs sweaters out the attic (they despise the cold) and took off to North Carolina.

Whats your favorite place to see fall color?
Ellie, happy to be in TWO sweaters thank you very much!

We drove through Atlanta and stayed the night, as I've been dying to go to the Georgia Aquarium (the worlds largest) and see whale sharks!

Thats a whale shark behind me!
 I got to touch sharks and manta rays too! The rays were slimy and the sharks felt rubbery.

PS- Pardon all the shots of me, I had to take self portraits for photography class and I really like some of them and want to share :)

If only I had the place to myself I could relax and watch fish for hours

We stopped for some Indian food at an all vegetarian place called Chaat Patti, because whenever I find an Indian place I just HAVE to go for nostalgia's sake!

Yummy- and ALL vegetarian!

Dai vadda! YUM

Indian 'street' food- Phav bhaji!

Basically- indian nachos

Idli- with coconut chutney! I could eat a bathtubs worth of coconut chutney!
  The next day we journedy along the Blue Ridge Parkway to our camping spot, Mount Pisgah park at an elevation of 5000 feet!

Where we ate chocolate, smores and vegetarian kebabs made with mock duck, chicken, mushrooms and veggies and slatherd in BBQ sauce...I ate about five I think....

Mock meat is great because it is cooked already, well at least the cans of it we get at the Asian Market. So there are no worries about the meat not being cooked through etc, you just need to get the veggies grilled :)

  We went to the town of Ashevill in the foothills and tried lots of local breweries samplings! They were SO good! And had calzone's too...

At the Asheville brewing company, they have Shiva on their menu- too cool

Loving the decor!


Another brewery

The Thirsty Monk- brewery and pub
After a breakfast of vegetarian hot dogs, we visited Ty's parents and they made us cheesecake, and lots of yummy vegetarian food!
His mum made me Indian puris and paneer subji with brown rice!

Oh, and the entire weekend I hydrated with hot chocolate cos it was so darn 200 calories a pop...

It was a beautiful trip though, and I've lost the weight already even after eating cheesecake leftovers last night- fitness really does change your chemical composition because there is NO way my body would have lost the weight so quickly in the past!

The Blue Ridge Parkway!
Having fun at Looking Glass Falls

Romantic Asheville

I'm back in Florida now, and its 85 and humid.....oh well, at least I got to see some real fall! Sometimes I wish I could live in a giant RV and travel the USA, there is still so much of this beautiful country I havent seen....


  1. Blue Ridge Parkway is gorgeous (and you look great in those shots, too) and the Indian Food...Yum! We have an awesome, inexpensive Indian food place by work that I frequent often. ;) Thank you for sharing the yummy pics!

  2. Thank you :) I adore Indian food, mainly because they have so many vegetarian options!! Even their McDonalds has a huge veggie selection