Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Under 130 pounds! :D

A bit of a milestone for me- I'm now under 60 kilos! /XD
Otherwise known as 129.4  pounds :D  It was a pleasant surprise over the weekend, to see the number on the scale! That was my weight in my late teens- wow!!

Still going for my goal of 128.5 pounds at the end of May, and it actually seems achievable now!! I'm sooo proud of myself for NOT snacking at night, working out, and eating consciously! =D>

Thought I'd share a pic of our doggies realxing on the shelf we built them in their room- it is in the window and has a little ramp leading up to it. They LOVE it because now they can see out the window ALL the time, their favorite hobby besides de-squeaking toys!


Naked Orange and Carrot Juice- it was delicious!

Amy's Organic Palak Paneer- I wish I could have eaten about 4 of these, soooo good!


I wasnt in the mood to cook, so my man made himself some yummy tortillas (hes a GREAT cook, Im lucky!) and I was craving fresh fruit, so I had a 'breakfast for dinner'. This included

 a cup of fresh blackberries

a cup of sliced fresh strawberries (farmers market, local!)

 and a pouch of organic granola with a lovely looking ingredient list (I find pouches easier for counting calories!)

1 cup of organic fat free milk....all mixed together ....yum :D

I also had a third of a cup of salted cashews for some healthy fats- a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that fats are bad, but NO fat in your diet is actually bad for you! Fats are needed by your body for all sorts of functions!

All of this put me at my limit of 1200 calories for the day :)

I felt a little hungry at about 9pm but I just drank some water, because sometimes when you feel hungry its actually thirst! I was exhausted from a long, no stop 'go go go' kind of day, so I went to bed soon by 10pm. That helped me to not snack!

I didnt work out as it was a scheduled rest day, but I still feel great from doing the 30 Day Shred the day before!

I do the shred instead of the gym when Im short on time, and also when I feel like I want a TOTAL body workout, not just my legs on the elliptical at the gym! Jillian really uses my arms, back, abs, legs and my Achilles tendon always gets a nice stretch which feels wonderful after a day in high heels at work!


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