Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

I hadn't "cooked" in a while: Cooking by this definition being anything over 20 minutes of prep time and with an official recipe. I've made lots of salads and quick veggie dishes but nothing to post about!

So when Ty came home unexpectedly from his paramedic shift via tow truck (his car hit a deer, totalled the car) I decided to cheer him up and make a heartwarming dish: Chicken Pot Pie- only minus the chicken as I'm a vegetarian!! I saw a great vegan recipe on Ellen that uses Gardein chicken scallopini, so I used that recipe.

My Chicken Pot Pie- ideally do it in small individual ramkins as its kind of messy to serve from a large pie- unless you dont care like I didnt LOL

 If you plan on making this pie, be warned-it is comfort food. It has three fourths of a cup of butter/Earthbalance in it!! I kept at my new low of 124 pounds even after eating it over two days, but I did go to the gym for an hour on both days! 

I didn't have tamari or soy sauce but it still turned out great!

I added boiled diced potatoes for some extra heartiness.

 I had some pie mixture leftover, so I made a quick 'side pie' with puff pastry in a bread tin, it came out great! In fact, I kind of liked the flakier pastry more than the traditional pie!

My improv puff pastry pie- we had it as an appetizer

We ate more pie for lunch the next day and it was easier to cut and serve and came out like this:

Im kind of bummed the picture look so colorless, the pie has carrots in it and you can't even see ONE!

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  1. Yumm!! I've been wanting to make a veggie pot pie, too. Yours sounds delicious!!