Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Marvellous Things

So considering Mondays are a little daunting, I've decide to start a new post- Monday's Marvellous Things :D

Marvellous thing number one - I've found my new favorite treat- Almond Butter and Dark Chocolate Cups! Wow :D Just one of these babies satisfies my sweet tooth and the fact that it is dark chocolate helps me to not devour the whole thing. And they are stuffed with ALMOND Butter- only my one of my favorite things in the world! :D

Red grapes- not soggy, very sweet

Grapes are a great snack while cooking dinner if you are starving!

We have been having a PERFECT avocado season!

Another ten minute dinner on a hot summer days- avacado+hummus on multigrain bread and vegetarian beef tips sauteed with fresh spinach and tomato sauce (and tofutti 'sour cream' on the side)

Taking Ellie and Tux to the Park!


My favorite QUICK dinner- blueberry/raspberry/banana/nut butter/almond milk and vanilla whey protien smoothie! MMM


 conchiglioni      Pasta shaped like conch shells come in various sizes; this is the largest. 

I'd never seen these before! Our friends Shaun and Marianna made them for us for dinner on Saturday night. Marianna stuffed them with spinach and ricotta and brushed them with olive oil before setting them to simmer in sauce. They were AMAZING!! And so pretty too!

Kind of like this- but prettier :)

I tried out Tina's from Carrots & Cake ideas for low calorie cocktails over the weekend. I had the Cotton Candy- it was yummy but I felt like it relied a bit on the grendadine to make it sweet, and its grenadine is almost pure sugar!

Funnily enough, when I checked my email today Self Magazine had emailed me about low calorie cocktail mixers! 

Refine coctail mix
This was my favorite- The Refine mixers- they use STEVIA not aspartame, much more natural and less likely to make you bloat up like aspartame does!

Best Cosmo Mix

Refine, $9 per 32 ounces;
Drink deets Trade a classic cosmo mix, which can contain about 120 calories per serving, for this zero-calorie one made with the herbal sweetener stevia. Refine has a hint of tartness with no bitter aftertaste. On its own, it's calorie-free, but don't forget to factor in the liquor.
Mix: 0 calories per 3 oz
Cocktail: (with 1.5 oz vodka) 97 calories
Devon Jarvis
Unfortunately it seems they are only available near California, or online for a Floridian like me. I wish someone around here would make a stevia mixer, what a great idea!

I had a look at their website and I liked what they had to say

" noticing the abundance of Aspartame-based diet sodas and high calorie mixers that were being consumed by himself and his friends, Patrick was inspired to create a drastic change in the beverage industry. His mission: to create zero-calorie cocktail mixers that maintain all-natural integrity.  Thus, refine™ mixers came to be."

I wonder if I can convince any of my local stores to carry it? Otherwise shipping costs would just be too ridiculous for me to order it for myself!

Todays questions:

What is your favorite pie recipe? I'm searching for a perfect one!!

What is the best breakfast before a big test? Any tips?

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