Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Falafels!

Happy Friday!! So I realize that it is late for Monday for a "Monday's Marvellous Things" post and I also realize there is no way I can tie myself down to a regular posting date with my schedule so I quit...

However, I did have some marvellous things happen recently!!

Ty graduated paramedic school! After over a year of training and numerous weekends consumed with unpaid 16 hour shifts, I'm really happy that it is over!

I'm was also so grateful I had my new T3i camera for the occasion! My old point and shoot camera SUCKS in dark environments and lags! The Te1 was SO fast at shooting I captured single bit of his journey across the stage and the zoom was awesome, as well as its indoor shooting capabilities!

Thats us in the middle, I'm in the blue dress feeling very proud of my man!!

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  I finished summer school and I just checked my grades

Term GPA:4.00      

SFC AA Degree Cumulative GPA:4.00
Standards of Progress GPA:4.00
Yay!!! I'm enjoying this week between semesters, I've been able to cook more!

This week Ty and I made from scratch:

Eggplant, roasted red pepper and potato 'subji' in a tomato based sauce,  with whole wheat flat breads and tzatziki (yogurt+cucumber dip).

Ty slicing the broiled peppers

Cooking down the eggplant

The final yummy dish!
 And we made falafels- a ton of falafels and have several tupperwares full of them!

They were SO easy to make- basically combining Bulgar wheat+chickpeas+cilantro and spices in a food processor, making little patties and baking them ten minutes on each side until browned! I can post the recipe if you guys want it, just ask :D

We have been using them to stuff in delicious whole wheat pita breads along with spicy hummus, tzatziki, sprouts and tomatoes! They have been great for lunches at work, in fact I have some with me today- I just put the chopped tomatoes in a separate little zip lock bag so it wouldn't make the pita soggy!

We also went out for a friends birthday dinner to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants: Chopstix, our local pan Asian place.They do amazing things with tofu, tempeh and seitan and have a LOT of veggie options!  I got a really flavorsome dish of seitan (made from wheat gluten, very much like meat in texture) in peanut sauce with mushrooms, sliced carrots and broccoli (I could eat this daily, I swear- thankfully I've worked out three times already this week) and Ty got this dish of sesame fried tofu:

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