Friday, June 1, 2012

Tennis and Michael Duncan's PETA ad

In an effort to find fitness related activities I enjoy I signed up for a beginners tennis class (the fact that the man in my life is into tennis could have also played a factor in my decision to sign  I was kind of nervous, being entirely nonathletic. However, I got in the car and made myself go ...and the first class was lots of fun!

 We practised all sorts of shots and had drills were they threw balls at us and we had to hit them (with the rest of the class watching!!)

 It was  good workout because I was on my feet for an hour and a half, darting around, and for the next five days my forearm HURT. I guess I don't really use that muscle much!!

There were lots of people playing games around us at the courts having fun with friends, I'm looking forward to being able to join that world! I love socializing but it always seems to involve food and drink, tennis is a much healthier way to spend time together!
Maybe I can develop a Sharapova body? haha

My second class was supposed to be last night but it got rained out, so I hit the gym instead.

I'm feeling the need to do a week long detox soon. I've been eating 90% healthy, but I seem to have some kind of sugar every day. I'm on my last packet of Tim Tams from Australia (the BEST cookies!!)

 and last bag of Aussie liquorice, so once those are gone I need to get off my sugar addiction and go sugar free for a bit! Every time I do I notice how much I'm like an addict coming off my drug, I crave it hard, and then a few days into the detox the cravings go away!

Have I told you guys that I dont really count calories anymore? I just kinda know where Im at and how well Ive eaten and what I can and cant really do for a day, its great. I do really suggest counting and tracking what you eat when you are starting out.

In other news, I loved this PETA campaign by Michael Duncan! Usually I find PETA to be too extreme and alienating to the general public, but if you look at the YouTube clip, it is a very rational and lovely explanation on how he doesn't like eating animals (He loves them- including his 6 cats and 2 dogs!) and that you CAN get enough protein on a veggie diet! (YAY for buff vegetarian men!) I loved him in the Green Mile, now I love him even more!

And in other totally unrelated news- I got some green contacts for fun! I love them, though its great being a brown eyed girl sometimes I like a change and its cheaper than changing my hair lol!

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