Monday, May 21, 2012


One of my goals this year is to develop arm muscles. I started with VERY little muscle, but have now progressed to this:

You can see the mild definition there lol.

I've been doing about 15 minutes of arm exercises when I go to the gym. Ive noticed that I've gradually been able to use heavier and heavier weights. I do bicep curls with 15lb weights now, and hold a 30lb bar overhead while I do squats.

And this is just the beginning! These are the arms I aspire to, and the abs! I will always have more of a bottom than this model though haha, and Im ok with that :)

Another indicator of my slow but definite progress? I was able to get through Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown DVD!!

I hadn't even been able to complete the full 30 minutes of Level one before, as it is VERY arm muscle intensive. She has you in planks and downward dog most of the session, and my arms would just wobble and give out before. Not anymore :D It was great realizing Im stronger!!

One of my body builder friends said that it isnt so much about muscle, as that takes a while to build...its about cutting the fat over the muscle.

He said I already have abs and arm muscles (and its true, I can do full sit ups now nooooo problem!) but I need to get rid of the layer of fat over the muscle. I think if I can eat really clean for a month or so that will get me to 115 pounds and uncover some of these hidden muscles!

 I eat pretty well, but I definitely don't do loads of vegetables and salads every day. It would be a good cleanse. I probably need to increase my cardio. Since I reached my goal weight of 120 I cut back to just 20 minutes or so on the Arc, as I have been focused more on toning.

Im starting tennis on Thursday so hopefully that contributes to my biceps goal :) I've never played before, I will let you know how much I suck at it haha

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