Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 23

A veggie burger patty (110 cals) + 1 deli flat (100 calories) + 1 banana (105 calories)+ about 100 calories of milk as creamer (couldnt take the almond milk anymore, does NOT go well with coffee!!)
= 415 calories for breakfast

Amy's Light and Lean pasta bowl 210 calories (A new prodcut, so excited, very awesome!)

Chobani  Greek Yogurt- YUM! 160 calories FOURTEEN GRAMS OF PROTIEN= feeling full longer! :D

a bag of salad (only 40 calories!), 1 chicken scallopini and cucumber cut into the salad (100 calories), 11 seasame pretzel chips with 2 tbsp low fat sour cream (130 calories), a vitatop muffin (100 calories) + some hummus and lemon juice mixed into the salad (30 calories) = 415!

Total calories: 1200

I also had a soda today- not good!!

Its raining which kind of limits my daily walks at work (did a little, but not enough!) and then this evening I have to go home, cram some English reading in, then get to class and be there right up until 10pm! So I guess I wont really have time, if by some mircale my overly enthusiastic teacher lets us off early

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