Monday, July 9, 2012

Salads and smoothies detox

Update: I'm trying to lose five more pounds to get to 115 (so I can see my ab muscles). This is proving difficult.

 My body has settled into 120-122 pounds and is happy to be there. So I've got to start trying harder by doing more cardio rather than weights at the gym, and eating really well.

On Friday I did a grocery shop and got only healthy stuff (despite an intense craving to bake oatmeal raisins cookies! I resisted and didn't buy any of the ingredients)
These things are like crack to me lol

 Instead, I got a ton of salad ingredients and fruits to snack on. My plan is to do my protein smoothie for breakfast, and then salads for lunch and dinner. So far I've stuck to that over the weekend- buuuuut my salads are getting out of control. There is a line with salad where it stops being healthy as you've added way to many things to those Mexican 'salads' in a fried tortilla bowl topped with globs of sour cream, lol!

In my case? Adding waaay to much pan seared seitan (veggie chicken substituted) and GOATS  CHEESE. Im kind of addicted to this creamy fresh goats cheese, and my 'sprinkle' on my salad has turned into slices...
mmm goat cheese!

Oh, and in the hot weather I've been drinking way too much orange juice. I caught myself and started diluting it with club soda but I probably added at least 600 extra calories to my days with several big glasses of icy cold,sugar filled OJ!

Its not only about eating healthy foods, its also about portion control :(

I may have to follow the four day diet again, just to make my salads correctly etc. Its sooo restrictive though so I'd like to see if I can get results on my own first!

Fireworks at St. Augustine
P.S. I hope you had a happy 4th of July!! I went to St. Augustine for it and watched fireworks in the bay, beautiful!

I was hoping to be a citizen by the 4th, but Im still in the process. My interview/test is next (I have a whole book of American history to study for the test! I wonder if most Americans know all this information lol!)


  1. Orange juice is evil! I had to stop myself just recently lol. I've made a jelly out of it instead, and just eat it with yoghurt. Keep it up, you're a great inspiration!

  2. Thank you, your comments inspire me to keep pushing myself! Orange jelly sounds sooo yummy!