Monday, January 30, 2012

A new haircut and a recipe for tofu lasanga

I've had a two week hiatus from the gym as I was sick. I never thought I would say this....but I miss it! Its an effort to cram it into my life (I was so busy over the past two weeks I found myself wondering HOW I ever got four workouts a week into my schedule) but its worth the effort!!

 I find that I feel happier when I workout, my energy is better and my average mood is a little more elevated. I also fall asleep faster. I've been trying to stick to the 8 hours sleep a night resolution, but I find myself lying awake for an hour. I think its because Im not physically tired. The gym sure helps with that!

Over the weekend I got a haircut with more layers, and bangs! They are just long, side swept bangs but I something a little different. My stylist also razored the ends, something I've never had done before.

Gosh I look different- this is me two and a half years ago

I also celebrated my friends birthday  with cocktails and cake....

SO good!

I also wante to share this recipe is great for vegan lasagna

I only used one pack of whole wheat lasagna, 1 bottle of organic tomato sauce and baked it in a 9inch square cake pan. I added chopped fresh mushrooms to it too. I've never blended tofu before, but its a great idea! With a little soy milk it becomes very ricotta like! I added in extra spices too, I like a bit of chili, nutritional yeast  and pepper in my tofu.

I really liked it and so did Ty!

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