Monday, May 23, 2011

I love Hodgson Mill! Waffles and blueberry sauce!

On Friday night I found this lovely whole wheat multi-purpose insta- bake flour in the organic section of Publix:

It has a nice short ingredient list and the flour is stone ground!

They have a bunch of products and recipes on their website too:

 On Saturday morning my man and I made delicious hot waffles using the mix, we couldn't even tell they were whole wheat that's how great the flour was!

We also made a quick and easy blackberry sauce by boiling 2 cups of blackberries, half a cup of water, half a cup of organic sugar and a teaspoon of corn starch for ten minutes.  

Its getting too hot in Florida to do much outdoors, though we tried! It was 94 and we went to the pool, as well as flea market shopping with friends- I barley survived, I had to drink cold water the whole time the heat was so dehydrating! At least I kept my new min-bamboo plants alive until I got them home from the market!

On Sunday I made a random concoction that turned out great! I cooked fresh broccoli, peppered cashews, seitan, and Parmesan into a peanut sauce with mini cheese dumplings. I added a bit of a kick to it with chili and fresh ginger and red onion. The flavor was Asian inspired, and it all worked together! We each had two servings though, that's how good it was- TOO good! The scale wasn't a pleasure to confront on Monday....

I also bought a new cookbook- Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian

I was in Books-A- Million for an hour or two on Sunday night sifting through their cookbooks section. This book excited me the most- it has a great selection of down to earth, practical -to- make looking meals (nothing with 20 exotic ingredients in in as far as I could see!) but still enough dishes to impress friends with when need for entertaining!

It also has detailed how-to instructions with photos, going through the recipes in a step-by-step process! I saw how to make red-pepper sauce and how to properly fold a burrito as I flipped through the book- I cant wait to delve into it more!

I like my cookbooks to be glossy, full of photos and inspiration, practical, with achievable recipes and fat- I want lots of options! This seems to fit the bill :) My man was pretty excited when he saw me buying it too :D

In other news- biology is killing me! I'm taking an 'intro to biology' course in college and I can't believe the level of detail it is going into! It is an online class, maybe thats why its so hard!

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